Why Chris
for In-house Veterinary Mediation Services?

Chris’s history includes working as a law enforcement officer investigating animal cruelty, working at horse facilities, working at a large veterinary university
for many years and working as an adjunct professor for Becker College teaching animals and the law prior to her career in Law.

Chris graduated from Law School in 2002. She was practicing in the litigation arena and quickly formed the opinion that litigation breeds animosity and destroys communication. Although litigation is necessary in some cases, certainly not all cases benefit from litigation. The common denominators of why cases litigated appeared to be a lack of true communication and because many did not know of the mediation option or may have felt it wasn’t for them. Chris went on to get her advanced certificate in mediation in 2006 and started mediating right away. In 2010 Chris opened Worcester County Mediation which is a mediation center that focuses solely on mediation.

Chris covers the United States offering virtual in-house mediation to include but not be limited to veterinary hospitals, veterinary universities, specialty veterinary clinics, veterinary clinics, animal shelters, horse facilities, kennels and other facilities and businesses. She is known for her trustworthiness, approachability, perceptiveness, dedication, and impartiality. She really wants the best for your business or practice.