Why is
Mediation Important in the workplace?

Implementing and administering mediation is cost-effective compared to high employee turnover, low morale, and low productivity.  Clients can tell when there are issues in the workplace and can become less trusting of you with the care of their pet when they sense an issue.

Some of the best employees are vested in seeing improvements in the workplace, and mediation helps pinpoint necessary changes and retain good employees.

In mediation, a neutral third party helps parties in conflict hammer out a resolution that is sustainable, voluntary, and nonbinding.

Rather than imposing a decision, a trained mediator applies communication skills, objectivity, and creativity to help the participants of the mediation reach their own voluntary solution to the conflict.

We offer hourly (minimum one hour), half day (4 hours)  or full day (8 hours) mediations.
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Through mediation, employees will learn valuable skills that may enable them to help themselves and their coworkers:


  • Air negative emotions with the goal of being heard and understood;
  • Listen to criticism and complaints without becoming defensive;
  • Brainstorm solutions that would satisfy all parties involved; and
  • Foster an environment where employees feel comfortable mediating disputes.