Benefits of
Virtual Mediation for In-house Veterinary Mediation Services

WCM-group zoom
  • Convenience: Virtual mediation allows parties to participate from any location, which can be more convenient and cost-effective than in-person meetings, especially for parties that are located in different regions or states.
  • Flexibility: Virtual mediation can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for all parties, without the need to coordinate travel or take time off work.
  • Privacy: Virtual mediation can offer a higher level of privacy and confidentiality, as parties can participate in the comfort of their own space, rather than in a public location.
  • Accessibility: Virtual mediation can increase accessibility for parties with mobility or transportation issues.
  • Cost-effective: Virtual mediation can be more cost-effective as it eliminates the need for travel, lodging and other expenses such as lawsuits or arbitration.
  • Efficient: Virtual mediation can be more efficient as it eliminates the need for travel and other logistical arrangements, allowing the parties to focus on resolving the conflict at hand in a relatively short time period allowing parties to move on with their work and personal lives.
  • Voluntary: Mediation is a voluntary process, meaning that all parties must agree to participate. This allows parties to be in control of the outcome and can lead to more satisfying and effective resolutions.
  • Confidential: Mediation is a confidential process, which can help preserve relationships and reputations in the workplace.

Overall, virtual mediation offers a flexible, convenient, and cost-effective way to resolve conflicts in the workplace, while still providing the same level of privacy, confidentiality and efficient dispute resolution that in-person mediation provides.