Benefits of
Virtual Mediation for In-house Veterinary Mediation Services
at Worcester County Mediation.

WCM-group zoom
  • The parties do not have to be in the same room for the meeting.
  • The mediator facilitates the communication with the parties, sets the ground rules and expects everyone involved to adhere to them.
  • The parties control the outcome of their session
  • The process is confidential and private.
  • Communicating through mediation can be emotionally easier.  
  • The mediator provides equal time to all present in the meeting to explain their perspective and feelings on the situation without interruption.
  • The mediator helps to keep the focus on the discussions at hand for better production. 
  • All parties can discuss possible future scenarios and deal with them proactively.
  • The process helps preserve whatever relationship is left to be able to better co-work in the future.
  • A neutral third party controls the communication if it escalates.