Why Choose
Mediation for Divorce?

If you are contemplating a divorce and have considered consulting with a divorce attorney on your own, you may want to first explore the benefits of working together with a trained attorney/mediator in divorce mediation. We offer a free online consultation so you can both meet me, I can meet you both, we can discuss the process of divorce mediation, the costs of the same and my role in the mediation as the mediator.

Worcester County Mediation focuses on divorce mediation, modifications and unmarried parents with children. We offer a streamlined, economical, and speedy approach to dissolving your issues. Mediation allows you to play an active role in your future life rather than handing substantive life decisions over to a court.

Worcester County Mediation believes in putting the power in your hands.

Unlike a judge in a court of law, a mediator has no power. We cannot make any decisions in your life or to force you to make a decision that you really didn’t want to make. Mediation is voluntary and confidential. Either of the parties can end the mediation at any time. It’s simple, you can feel free to stand up and leave or call and cancel it altogether.

In comparison, if you do not like how your divorce litigation is going, you are in it whether you like it or not and must obey the judge’s order or there will be consequences. There is always the risk of not “getting what you want” or “having your divorce get out of control” if it is in litigation. This usually comes with a high price tag as well. The good news is that you have an option to try mediation. If mediation doesn’t work (however most do) then you can always fall back on plan B of going to court.

While a few major differences arise in some divorces, usually there are many issues the parties do agree upon. For these divorces, a mediated approach can settle their differences and allow the parties to successfully control their destiny. Also, since many couples are forever bound by shared parenting of their children, it is in the interest of the couple and their children to resolve their differences in an adult and civil way. Using two separate attorneys can prolong the dispute, which is in no one’s best interest.

Worcester County Mediation believes in cost effective, low turmoil, successful parenting plans.

The firm is dedicated to helping those who seek divorce get their results both cost effectively and with the least amount of turmoil in their lives and the lives of their families. We take pride in creating successful parenting plans—including but not limited to people whose professions demand an untraditional, inconsistent or rotating shift schedule—and in making these transitions as quick and as smooth as possible.


Worcester County Mediation believes people should be
in charge of their own destiny.

Divorce is one of the most difficult obstacles people can face. Tack on to that a long and drawn out litigation process—with an outcome that is extremely expensive for most—ending with an agreement written by a judge, not yourself. Enabling the parties to talk things out usually means thousands of dollars less in cost. Mediation is the alternative approach to Litigation, which is innately adversarial and often leaves at least one party bitter and less able to co-parent in the years to come.


Worcester County Mediation believes it’s important to treat both parties equally.

Many mediators practice differently. Worcester County Mediation strictly adheres to meeting with both spouses at all times. We do not use the “caucus style” of mediation, where the mediator meets with each spouse at different times to discuss the divorce. Meeting with one spouse alone adds additional expense and only makes the other spouse wonder what we were talking about.

Worcester County Mediation values what you have to say.

Worcester County Mediation values open discussion. Your divorce is very important and deserves to be discussed fairly and at length. At Worcester County Mediation a trained neutral third party is present during the entire discussion and therefore can balance the discussion in a constructive and equal manner. Some of our clients have initially been concerned that their spouse dominates conversations or is too submissive to express opinions. These concerns diminish as soon as the mediation process starts, because the clients see that the mediator is the one who conducts and is in control of the meeting.


How long will it take to get divorced?

It takes a year to plan a marriage; however, I am often asked how long will it take for the parties to get divorced. The answer is simple: It is up to you. Each mediation session is focused solely on your issues. It is important that you come to the mediation sessions prepared to openly divulge and share with your spouse all discovery that will enable both of you to make informed decisions. Many factors come into the mediation that determine the length of time it takes to complete the mediation, such as the length of the marriage, children, the amount of assets and liabilities to be divided, and how much you have already agreed upon.


Each meeting moves you closer to your goals.

After each mediation session, you will leave with a list of what was accomplished on that day and also a to-do list that needs to be accomplished to the best of your ability for your next appointment. Worcester County Mediation is aware that you will not always be able to settle all of your disputes outside our office. However, we believe that you will at least come back to the table with some ideas. The more you can do on your own, the less expensive it is for you. We understand that conflict is inevitable in a divorce and the discussions at the table are not always easy. However, in Massachusetts it only takes one person to get divorced. So, it is much wiser for each party to be a part of the important decisions that will greatly affect their future.


The benefits of using Worcester County Mediation

         Include but are not limited to:

    • Detailed parenting plans (visitation schedules) for those parties who have children: Worcester County Mediation takes pride in organizing a detailed parenting plan that will enable the divorce to be between the spouses and not between the children and the spouses. This parenting plan includes but is not limited to holidays, vacations and birthdays.
    • Much less expensive than hiring two separate attorneys
    • Resolved much faster than traditional divorces
    • Both spouses have a say in the outcome of their divorce
    • Focused discussions using a commonsense approach
    • Discuss possible future scenarios
    • Preserve future relationships
    • Reduce emotional stress versus a litigated divorce

Two common misconceptions that have not already been discussed

One common misconception regarding mediation is that the parties must be able to get along in order to reap the benefits of mediation. This is not necessarily true. If spouses always got along, they would not need a divorce.

Another misconception is that it is too late to use a mediator if one spouse has already filed for divorce and obtained an attorney. The truth is that a mediator can be used at any time during the divorce.

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