Value of Open Discussion 
at Worcester County Mediation.

Your issues and concerns are very important and deserve to be discussed fairly and at length. At Worcester County Mediation a trained neutral third party is present during the entire discussion and therefore can balance the discussion in a constructive and equal manner. Some of our clients have initially been concerned that someone in the group will dominate conversations or to the contrary is too submissive to express opinions. These concerns diminish as soon as the mediation process starts, because the clients see that the mediator is the one who conducts and is in control of the meeting. The mediator does this without taking sides.

The mediator facilitates communication to enable the parties the come to an understanding.

Mediation is a confidential process where a trained and experienced neutral helps parties to resolve a dispute or issue. Often, the end goal of mediation is a settlement agreement where the parties come up with their own settlement terms. Whenever there is a dispute, parties can mediate to determine how to resolve the issue. For in-house mediation, the parties will often continue to interact with one another, so another major goal is to improve the parties’ relationship.

Mediation is helpful for co-workers who cannot communicate without an argument or simply cannot communicate. Our goal is to improve the relationships and ability to communicate with each other so work can be a place you look forward to going. We all know how much easier work is when we all get along and actually look forward to seeing each other and working together. Makes all the difference in the world.

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