Value of Open Discussion 

In-House Veterinary Mediation Service values open discussion and communication in resolving issues because it allows for all parties involved to express their perspectives and concerns.

Through open discussion and communication, underlying issues and concerns are identified and understood leading to a comprehensive understanding of the problem at hand. This facilitates the development of creative solutions and compromise that can be mutually beneficial.

Additionally, open discussion and communication can foster trust and respect among parties, improving relationships and promoting a positive work environment. It also encourages accountability, preventing conflicts from escalating and causing further damage to relationships and operations.

By promoting transparency and fairness, it allows for fair decision-making. This method of resolving conflicts promotes a culture of open communication, which leads to a more productive and efficient work environment. By addressing issues and concerns in a timely manner, it can prevent future conflicts from arising and lead to long-term resolution of conflicts, which improves the overall functioning of a veterinary clinic or hospital.

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