Why choose
In-house Veterinary Mediation Services?

If things are A.D.R.

Ain’t   Doing   Right . . .  CHOOSE . . . Alternative Dispute Resolution

• Anyone involved in the animal field at this time know the stressors can be abundant.

• In-house relationships can suffer as a result.

• When relationships suffer, productivity suffers, and inevitably valuable employees end up leaving.

 In a world where it is hard to find employees and many companies are “short staffed”, the goal of any employer should be to retain their valuable and trained employees. 

The love of animals brought everyone to this career. 

Let’s not let the stress move you out.  Whether you own the facility, are a veterinarian, technician or are responsible for the buildings and grounds, everyone is equally important for the TEAM to work like a well-oiled machine. 



Retaining employees is hard, and what is harder is finding new employees in place of employees who have left. Organizations spend more money on hiring new employees than retaining the valuable existing employees.  Veterinary clinics and veterinary hospitals should choose In-House Veterinary Mediation Services because of the specialized expertise of our trained neutral third-party mediator. Our mediator has specific knowledge and experience in the field of veterinary medicine, which allows her to understand the unique challenges and concerns of veterinary clinics and hospitals.

The impartiality of our neutral third-party mediator is a key aspect of our service, as we are impartial and not affiliated with any of the parties, ensuring fairness and a neutral perspective throughout the process. Our mediator is a highly trained professional who is skilled in communication, negotiation, and conflict resolution, ensuring that the process is handled in an efficient and professional manner.

Overall, In-House Veterinary Mediation Services offers a specialized, flexible, and cost-effective way to resolve conflicts in veterinary clinics and hospitals, while preserving relationships, reputations and providing a fair and impartial process.