Worcester County Mediation is run by Attorney/mediator Christina M. Wojtowicz Esq.

Mediation saves time, money and stress.
Mediation saves time, money and stress.


WCM is located in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. Attorney Wojtowicz is a former divorce litigator who is committed to keeping couples from going through the painful and expensive never ending drawn out court battle. This battle was/is known as the traditional approach to resolving divorce, modifications and unmarried couples who have children that are in need of a judgment from the court.

Attorney Christina M. Wojtowicz of WCM believes these issues are better solved by the very ones who have to live with the outcome. Save time, money and stress.

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What should I expect at the initial free consultation at Worcester County Mediation?

What Should I expect at the initial free consultation?

At your initial free consultation at Worcester County Mediation there are many things to expect. 

  1. That you will be made to feel at ease.  Most people are nervous when they come to my office for the first time.  This is not uncommon.  You are coming to my office because you are contemplating ending your marriage.  Definitely a  big deal.  However, nothing is going to happen at the initial consultation whereby you will be forced to make decisions. 
  2. You will learn the difference between divorce mediation and litigation.  The cost of each, the difference in time for each and what to expect from each.  Ultimately you are the decision maker of which way you would rather move forward.
  3. The initial consultation opens the eyes of the individual who really didn’t think they were going to get divorced.  More often than not, parties that come to my office are not on the same “emotional” page.  One person may have been emotionally preparing themselves for a divorce while the other person “had no idea” this was going to happen.  The initial consultation allows for the party who was “unaware” how serious the other person was about divorce to start the realization process that a divorce is more than likely in their future. 
  4. You do not need to bring anything to your initial consultation at Worcester County Mediation.  We will not be going over the facts of your case.  This truly is just an opportunity for you to learn the difference between divorce mediation and litigation, the environment you will be working in and the opportunity for me to meet you and your spouse and for you to meet me.  I do not believe in pressuring anyone because a divorce is a very hard thing to go through.  I take as much stress out of the process as I can for you. 
  5. The initial free consultation takes about a half hour.  This gives us plenty of time to accomplish the focus of the consultation.  You will leave the consultation with plenty to think about without feeling too overwhelmed.  
  6. Please feel free to call me if I can answer any more questions about our free initial consultation.  (508) 425-3002.
  7. Written by Christina M. Wojtowicz, Esq.
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